Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring has arrived ! Cooler with showers later this week, then a pleasant Weekend on Tap !

Tuesday: April 24, 2007

After an unseasonably cold start for much of April, we are now being spoiled with unseasonably warm weather. Temps over the past weekend have rebounded nicely to the upper 70's and low 80's and this trend has continued into early this week. Things are about to change as a cold front presses south and eastward through the Delaware Valley tonight. Cooler temps along with considerable cloudiness will be on tap for tonight into Wednesday.

This frontal boundary will stall out to our south, and low pressure will move eastward along the front Wednesday night into Thursday, bringing some light rain Later Wednesday into Thursday. Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60's for highs on Wednesday, and even cooler on Thursday with Highs in the upper 50's to lower 60's. On Friday expect Mostly Cloudy conditions with some showers and High in the low 60's.

The system will clear out of the region this weekend with pleasant temperatures and P. Sunny Skies for both Saturday and Sunday. High will be in the Upper 60's on Saturday and in the low to mid 70's for both Sunday and Monday. Enjoy !!!

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Larry Cosgrove said...


I saw your comments on Eastern USWX, and was wondering what brought about the sharp turn against involvement in weather boards?

I can tell you that I have had it with Eastern, not just for its trolls but also because of the administration of the board.

But if you really love the hobby, and I know that you do, put the negative stuff out of your mind and just post/write when you feel like it. You know about StormVista, and you can write there with better moderation.

By the way, I do not think that everyone on Eastern USWX hates you! Do not let a few jerks spoil your fun and passion.

Best Regards,
Larry Cosgrove


Thanks Larry for your comments and support !

Your a great guy and good PROMET

BTW, It's the TROLLS ! Many of them, and it get old.

Anonymous said...

I hang out at Eastern and, while there are certain posters that I avoid, you're not one of them. I've bookmarked your blog, and hope that you continue to share your thoughts on the weather. - quicks

Ian said...

Larry is angry that we didn't go in the direction he wanted us to and has an agenda. It's not OK for any of us on staff at Eastern to point out his history of less than stellar forecasts but it is OK for him to trash us wherever he likes. Trolls are all over the internet--it's a fact of life.

Anonymous said...

Larry is kind of a dissapointment. We've featured him at our conference, pinned his thread, considered him a friend of the board, and now we get a sucker punch.

I can take the spamming of SV links with his newsletter, but this is a bit much.

Anonymous said...

Rugs, despite the utter horsehit spewing from Cosgrove, you know you are welcome at Eastern.

You can't let a disagreement in OT get under your skin so easily. But let's go with LC's lame theory about administration of the board as the reason you left. It makes for a better drama.

Anonymous said...

Ian is right that there are trolls all over the internet. He forgets that message boards can moderate trolling and cut it down substantially by enforcing rules that are in place.

John said...

Eastern staff seems very thin-skinned to worry about what someone from New Jersey and a former TV met think of their site. They should worry about moderating their board instead of worrying about what two people think of them.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, and Ruggie quit StormVista in the same fit of pique so he can't post there. How will the world survive?

Anonymous said...

"I can tell you that I have had it with Eastern, not just for its trolls but also because of the administration of the board."

Larry, all I can say that this is kind of sad.

Ji said...

this is really good for your blog hit count Ruggie!

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I'll be updating my blog more often real soon. I'd rather post here on my blog and all who are interested in my forecasts, or thoughts on the weather, know where to find me.

All comments are welcome, and It's fine to have different opinions or thoughts on the weather. But the trolling, Bashing on me for over 2 years is getting very Old and It's my choice not to tolerate this behavior any longer.

So I chose not to post on Eastern anymore. For my own good, and too spend more time with Girlfriend, my family, and loved ones. When someone has a passion for something and puts all there extra time and effort to share their thoughts, only to get trolled and bashed on is not a good thing. I'm not trying to come off as whining baby here at all. It's just I don't need it anymore. You all know I have a great passion for weather and forecasting.

The childish games some play on the weather boards is not my style.
Most of all: I've been accused of stealing peoples forecasts and Ideas, a fraud, now on off topic I'm falsely accused of being a hater of certain peoples lifestyle because I'm a Christian and believe in the Bible and God's Word. I just stood up for Jerry Falwell after his death, and said he did some great things. It's there own convictions I just quoted the scriptures to which they disagree with, so therefor lash at me and say I hate people who are Gay or punished because of there sin.

Man I care about everyone, and I DON'T HATE ANYBODY !!! It's not my nature and to be falsely accused of this is just flat out Crazy. So why participate in message boards where the result will always be: RUGGIE IS THE BAD GUY, A HATER AND COPIES OTHERS FORECASTS AND IDEAS !

I wasn't born yesterday Guys ! Time to leave that nonsense

Take Care and Be Well,

Anonymous said...

You are completely off base in about 90% of your assertions.