Thursday, September 13, 2007



Well folks We're well on our way, to a splendid stretch of Autumn like weather. This all starts on Saturday and continues into early next week. First we have to deal with some unsettled weather Friday night into the morning hours of Saturday. A strong Cold Front will move quickly through the area early Saturday morning, but ahead of this front we can expect Mostly Cloudy skies and a round or two of showers, from Friday night into Saturday morning. Behind this front a nice shot of very cool Canadian air will filter into the Delaware Valley for the weekend and early next week. Deep Blue Skies, and Crisp Dry air, blowing in from Canada on a NW Breeze at 15 to 25 Mph, will usher in our first taste of Fall like weather.

An Upper level trough will be in place, along with a Strong Canadian High Pressure system, moving slowly in from the Upper Midwest over the weekend. This High will settle in on Sunday and Monday, then move NE and off the New England coast by Tuesday. This High will bring Sunny Pleasant Days and Clear Cool Nights, with Highs in the Upper 60's to Mid 70's and Lows in the Mid to Upper 40's in the Suburbs, and low to mid 50's in the City and along the coast, Later Saturday through Tuesday.

My Forecast: For the Delaware Valley

Mostly Clear and Cool. Lows in the mid 50's for the Suburbs and Upper 50's to low 60's in the city.

Partly Sunny and Pleasant conditions during the morning, with Increasing cloudiness during the afternoon. Highs in the mid to Upper 70's.

Friday Night:
Mostly Cloudy with scattered showers later in the evening, and showers more likely during the overnight hours. Lows in the Upper 50's to mid 60's.

M.Cloudy with a few showers in the morning, then Clearing and Breezy in the afternoon. Cooler with Highs in the low 70's. Fair, Breezy, Crisp, and cool at night. Lows 43 to 47 in the Suburbs to near 50 in PHL.

Sunny and Cool with a refreshing Breeze. Highs in the upper 60's to Low 70's. Clear and very Cool at night. Lows 42 to 46 in the Suburbs and 48 to 52 in PHL.

M.Sunny and continued Cool. Highs in the low 70's. Fair at night with lows 50 to 55.

M.Sunny and Pleasant, a touch warmer. Highs in the mid 70's

Take Care and Enjoy !!!


Dee said...

Oh, and that whole pinned math thing that's going on at Eastern? I went through pre-calc, Calc 1 and 2 at MCC (2 A's and a B in Calc 2) well past 17 some odd years after I graduated high school. I'm convinced the math education you get really depends upon the teacher, and as a result...I think I did pretty well for a high school "math phobe"!

On an entirely unrelated note...Gouldsboro, PA (which, geographically is on the same plateau as Mt. Pocono) registered a low of 35° last Saturday night.

Or, so the entirely unscientific temp gauge outside of the back porch told me last Saturday night at 11 PM!


I bottomed out at 41 degrees on Saturday night. Not Bad

Are ya ready for the warm up this weekend ? 83 to 87 and humid on Saturday, Ouch !

I'll update my blog tonight or tomorrow. This weather and this time of the year, is very boring weather wise.


Dee said...

No, no, more 80' me from it, please!

Please kill me, and make it quick!