Monday, October 1, 2007

My October Forecast: For the Delaware Valley

For much of the Eastern US, A WARM and DRY pattern to continue for the month of October.

We continue to see a strong PAC JET and H5 low near the GOA. The PAC JET continues to be quite strong and will continue for much of the month. A strong H5 low and trough continues to tighten the jet as it enters the PAC NW and SW Canada. This is causing a rather zonal flow into the northern US and is being ejected straight east.

A strong Upper level ridge continues over the south Central and SE States. This is also aiding the Jet stream to be further north, and keeping any significant trough from entering the US. I do see a cool down to Near avg temps near mid-month, with a couple transient troughs moving through the region. Overall temperatures should be Above to Well Above average between Oct 1st through the 15th. Between the 15th - 20th a cool down to near Avg temps and some precip. is most likely. We then end the month Above Avg once again, between the 20th and 31st.

My Call for PHL and The Delaware Valley:

Above Avg: (+2.5 to + 4.0)
Below Avg

For the M/A and SE :

Above to Much Above Avg: (+3.5 to +5.0)
Below Avg.

For the NE:

Above Avg: (+2.0 to +3.5)
Slightly Below to Near Normal


Dee said...
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Dee said...

I'm being nice to the devastated fans up here in "Mets' Country"...I know how bad this hurts. I posted a whole blog entry about this.

But, forget that, LOL! What's the pitching and hitting weather look like at the Bank on Wednesday?


Hey Dee,
A great and exciting outcome with the fighting Phils. Now the weather for that game should be fine. The morning should be M.Cloudy with patchy drizzle and fog, thanks to a Easterly flow off the ocean with our departing High. However skies should become Partly Sunny by mid afternoon and temps in the upper 70's for game time at 3:00 PM

My Fiancee is from Brooklyn and a Mets fan. I was a good sport and didn't rub it in ! I think the Giants whipping the Eagles eazzzzzed the pain LOL ! The Eagles are a joke and will be lucky to go 6-10 this year. It's well overdue to get rid of both Reid and McNabb !



Dee said...

Go, Phils, indeed!

I was dating someone from Maine many years ago who, on a perfectly clear gorgeous, windy Sunday morning in October, and he asked me what I'd like to do.

"Well, the Eagles play at home at one."

"Yeah, I know that, but what would you like to do? It's a beautiful day, so what would you like to do?"

"Well, the Eagles are on. Playing at home. At one."

"I understand that, but what would you really like to do?"

"See, you're clearly not from around here, are you?"

Needless to say, I never married that man. ;)

Go, Phils! Should be a great, great series with two teams on a tear!


Was He a Maineiac ?
What the heck was he thinking !

2 of the hottest teams in this series, this will be a true test for the Phils, and If they go to the next round, I think they have a great chance at the World Series. Same to the Rockies if they win. These two teams are the best of the 4 National leauge teams IMO !

Gametime Forecast:
Partly to Mostly Cloudy and 77 at 3:00 PM
Partly Sunny for the middle and end of the Game, temps in the mid 70's