Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Colder weather to continue into the weekend ! A Tricky setup could bring The first flakes of the season on Friday night, to parts of The Del.Valley


We continue to be under the influence of a broad based trough, covering the Great Lakes/Midwest and into much of the Mid Atlantic and NE States. CAA (Cold Air Advection) on a persistent Northwest flow of cold Canadian Air, will continue for the remainder of the week. Temperatures will remain Below Average, as Highs will be between 45 and 50, and Lows between 30 and 35 for the entire Delaware Valley through Friday.

As we head into Later this week (Friday) a weak Clipper and s/w (shortwave) energy will rotate around this trough, and approach the region Friday and Friday night. As this occurs the trough axis will also become Negatively tilted, promoting coastal storm development. Clouds and a few showers will move in on Friday, especially North and West of PHL. A tricky set up will take place Later Friday and Friday Night, as this s/w energy transfer's some of it's energy to a developing surface low, off the M/A Coast. It now appears this system will form far enough offshore and then move Northeastward, sparing us from any major influence.

A period of rain is most likely, south and east of PHL for Friday night, and areas to the North and West of PHL, could see some wet snow mixed in at times. I'm forecasting No snow accumulation, just some mixed snow at times.

From PHL and on Eastward into Southern and Central NJ, It'll likely be too warm at the surface, (Mid and Upper 30's) for any prolonged mix of snow and rain, but a few flakes could mix in later Friday Night, and early Saturday morning before the precip tapers off and ends I'll have more on this Thursday night or Friday.

All this should begin to clear out during Saturday, as High Pressure builds in for Saturday night and Sunday, bringing Seasonably cool and dry conditions for the remainder of the weekend.

Check back soon for an update on this system, along with an outlined forecast for Friday and into the weekend. Once again, I don't see this being a big deal, other than some areas seeing the first mixed precip event with the first snowflakes of the season, but with no accumulation.

Take Care,


Denise said...

As much as it takes time away from us you do a wonderful job with the weather reports. I Love you very much, Sugar Lips.

H&S Always




Oh just wait until winter gets here ! LOL

You know you're #1 Denise
but I do love my weather too, this we know.


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Dee said...

This is one tricky forecast, since no one is really quite sure what's going to happen with that off-shore "squeeze play" storm.

I'll be driving around in South Jersey on Friday (I'm calling it a "mental health day"!), and I've always got my camera with me.

If I catch anything weather or nature related during my travels, I'll post them on my Flickr page!

Stay warm! You've just got to love this!

Denise said...

Well Huney I guess Dee must of heard you last night and or you sent her an e-mail, Oh she will be in SJ on Friday with her camera, how sweet. LOL

Love Always


If you want to see the first flakes of the season mixed in, you might want to drive around SE PA on Friday Night. You mental health make really take a dive for the worse, if you drive around SJ looking for snowflakes, but like I said some may mix in at times here also, but late night or early Saturday AM. Good luck !!



Neicy !

Dee is going to take some nice pics of the rain drops, as she is a snow chasing fool if she comes to the SJ triange (Hell Hole), that usually only gets the wet, rainy, end of the stick ! LOL

Dee, stay in SE PA with the camera for the wet snowflake pics ! LOL