Sunday, November 11, 2007

Milder Weather early this week, followed by a return to Colder Weather later in the week.

Discussion and Weekly outlook.

After a Chilly weekend and some light precipitation Friday night into Saturday, a return to Milder air is on tap, for the early and middle part of the week. A Southwest flow of milder air will move in on Monday ahead of a weak cold front approaching from the northwest. This front will stall out and weaken over the region. Mostly Cloudy skies and some showers, can be expected for Monday and Monday night. Most of these showers will be light, and widely scattered.

On Tuesday, a weak area of high pressure and a SW flow will build back in the area . The Mild weather will continue, but more sunshine can be expected on Tuesday with skies becoming P.Sunny and Highs in the low 60's.

During Wednesday a much stronger cold front will approach from the Midwest. Ahead of and along this front, showers and a period of rain will accompany this system for later Tuesday night and Wednesday. This frontal system will cross the area by Thursday morning as colder air and High pressure will follow for the end of the week.

Monday through Wednesday temps will be "Slightly Above Normal", with highs in the Upper 50's NW of PHL to Low 60's elsewhere, and lows mainly in the Upper 30's to Mid 40's. We'll return to "Slightly Below Average" temperatures for Thursday and Friday, with Highs in the Upper 40's to low 50's both days and Lows dropping back into the 30's. P.Cloudy skies can be expected for both Thursday and Friday as CAA and a NW flow of colder air returns.

I'll have a more detailed forecast towards Midweek, and We'll take a closer look at this upcoming weekend, which looks too continue Seasonably Cold for Mid November. Have a great week !

Take Care,


Dee said...

Perhaps it's just me, but have you noticed that all of the leaves have suddenly changed color due to the colder nights and the rain we've had since October's blow torch temps?

Oh, and one more obs for you...the stratocumulus clouds were great when I left work, and if it were only, oh, twenty degrees colder, you'd swear it was going to snow!


Hey Dee,
Yes they've changed quickly, and we are finaly about peaked in foilage now. It's the latest I've seen the leaves turn here. I'll be doing a post soon, probably tonight or tomorrow on my thoughts for the second half of November. I think as a cold and snow lover, You'll like what I have to say. The snow part is iffy, but the cold part is a very good bet, for much of the second half of November.


Dee said...

RedSky from Eastern mentioned this, and I agree with him...if this coastal verifies, you just might want to do your Turkey Day shopping this weekend!