Saturday, December 1, 2007


DATE ISSUED: 12-01-07
TIME: 10:00 AM Saturday
SNOW & ICE EVENT: 12/02 - 12/03
FOR: The Delaware Valley & Northern Mid-Atlantic


A very complex and tricky storm will threaten much of The Delaware Valley Region for Later Saturday Night into Sunday Night. A Classic Battle between Cold Air Damming (CAD) East of the Apps, and Warm Air Advection (WAA) will converge on Sunday, As cold High Pressure presses southeast from Quebec, and noses into Southern New England, Saturday Night into Sunday. During this time an approaching storm from the Midwest and Ohio Valley, will produce an nice overrunning setup. The cold air supply will be very fresh, and will likely hold tight with a classic CAD signature for much of the Northern M/A States and The Northeast, for Sunday and into Sunday Night.

Light Snow and sleet will move in Later Saturday night and early Sunday morning over Eastern PA and much of NJ. This snow will mix with and change to Sleet and Freezing rain, later Sunday morning, to the south and Southwest of PHL.

This changeover will occur later in the day and early Sunday night north of PHL. A prolonged period of Sleet and Freezing Rain is likely from NE PA into the Hudson Valley of southern NY, where significant Ice accumulations are likely Sunday Night.

My Weekend Forecast:
For The Delaware Valley Region.

Please See Snow and Ice map for total Accumulations.


M.Sunny early, then increasing Cloudiness during the afternoon, continued cold and Breezy. Highs in the Upper 30's to low 40's

Saturday Night:

Cloudy and cold with Light Snow developing later at night and towards morning. Low in the mid to Upper 20's.

Cloudy and cold with snow early, then mixing with and changing to Sleet and Freezing rain, south of PHL, towards noon. Precip changes over later in the day, or evening N&W of PHL.Highs near 40 from PHL S&E to the mid 30''s N&W of PHL.

Sunday Night:
Cloudy with mainly Rain from PHL S&E tapering off late at night. lows in the Upper 30's. Mixed Precip and Rain, N&W of PHL. Lows in the low to mid 30's.

Clearing, becoming windy and colder during the day. Highs in the low to mid 40's early, then dropping into the 30's during the afternoon. A few showers and flurries during the morning North of PHL.

Take Care,


Dee said...

While it's not a "French Toast Alert" weather type storm(since I still can't figure out what people do with all of that extra eggs and milk), I'm going to hang here in Oaklyn, and send my storm obs along.

Go Eagles!!

Dee said...

So, here are my very unofficial obs:

6 AM: Icy snow on grassy surfaces.
8 AM: Sleet pinging on the windows. Back to sleep. Nothing to see here, folks, just move on.
9:30 AM: "Action News" is cutting to their reporter in Doylestown, who's talking about 1 inch of snow in Central Bucks. I'm ready to spit up my coffee.
12:30 PM: A quick trip to Acme and Canal's. One big hit of wintry mix, and it's icy out there. Let's hope the Aussie chardonnay is a good one.
2:00 PM: Rain and ice, and the Eagles are losing. However, the cornbread looks pretty good.
2:30 PM: Halftime. The cornbread looks good. More rain and ice.
2:35 PM: Another interception! Time to make the gingerbread, and more chardonnay. Oh, and it's still icy rain.
3:30: Gingerbread looks great, and we're going to lose, and of course, it's raining. Time to open up a nice Pinot.
4:00 - 6:00 PM: Just took out the trash, and it's a typical cold late November rain. Dinner is done, as is the Eagles' season.



Good stuff Dee !
Not bad for Dec 2, We really don't see to much of the wintry stuff before Dec 15th in these parts. I got a whopping .1" of IP (Sleet)early this AM.

Clipper for Wednesday Night: Not impressed at this time. Maybe a coating to perhaps an inch of SNOW, not Ice with this one.

I hate Ice and a cold rain !

Why couldn't Wesbrook run that punt return all the way ? Andy Reid's play calling continues to baffle my mind. Feeley like throwing INT's at the goal line will the game on the line. Well I said the Eagle would go 6-10 this year so I'm on pace. LOL

Take Care,

Dee said...

I'm a little OT on this, but here are my thoughts about next week's game.

If the field conditions are good, rest DMac, bring in Feeley for a quarter or so, and since the season is a wash, why not let Kolb play with the big boys?

I'm fully aware that this kind of thinking is how we ended up with Rocca as a punter, but desperate times call for desperate measures.