Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Full Update and Forecast Later this Week

Hey Guys, I'm taking a little break and will be doing a full writeup and forecast later this week. So please check back Thursday or Friday. Until then enjoy the milder temps for Thursday and Friday as we reach the 50's both days, but rain can be expected on Friday.

This weekend a storm system will begin developing in the Deep South and SE States, which could affect our weather Sunday into Sunday night. It will be a close call for rain and or snow, as colder air will start working back into the region, and cold High pressure moves into the Great Lakes and presses south and southeastward. It's something to watch, but I'm sure staying away from any hype, or sticking my neck out on this or any storm this winter season. Though I had a bad call with the last event, and the second half of February call, I think considering the tough patterns this winter, overall not too bad on most of my calls.

It's time to get back into the groove and challenge the weather once agian. Mother nature has been cruel to us this year and tough on forecasters. Old man winter has been grouchy towards us Mid Atlantic folks. Just maybe the March Lion will ROAR and make some noise before the Lamb lies down and puts this winter season to rest.

This La Nina type pattern, continues to haunt us here, and If you like a snowy winter, go to the Midwest or New England, because the La Nina pattern just doesn't work for us Mid-Atlantic folks, it does for them ! A weak El Nino pattern is what we really need, so let's hope next winter we switch back to the El Nino Enso phase.

Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ruggie,
What do a computer model and a blond model have in common?
They can both get you really excited watching them, but until you feel it with your hands, your imagination can drive you nuts. lol