Saturday, October 3, 2009

Seasonably Cool this week, followed by much Colder weather between the 10th and 15th of October.

Saturday PM

This upcoming week will be comfortable and seasonable, as temperatures remain near average. Highs will mainly be near 70 and lows in the Upper 40's to mid 50's. Overall it will be dry with Partly Sunny days and fair cool nights, but some unsettled weather with some showers can be expected for Tuesday night into Wednesday AM, as another cold front moves through.

Now it's next weekend into the following week of 10/10 through 10/15, that I want to talk about, this is where We'll see the big changes to colder weather. It's now looking like a prolonged stretch of unseasonably cold weather is on the way during this period. A rather deep and broad based trough will press east and southeastward into the mid section of the country later this week, then slowly move east and settle into the Midwest and Northeast part of the country next week.

This trough and flow, will bring down a very chilly air mass from Canada. At this time, I'm thinking we could be looking at Highs only reaching the Upper 40's to mid 50's between the 12th and 15th with lows in the Upper 20's to mid 30's. Now that's about 10 to 15 degrees below normal, this will really feel chilly, and many will likely see their first frost and freeze of the season for much of the Northern M/A States, into southern New England. As we get closer to this period, I'll get into more detail with the forecast and temps.

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