Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny Mild Days and Clear Chilly Nights on Tap Through Wednesday !

Saturday AM:

A nice stretch of pleasant weather is on tap for the Delaware Valley Region. I'm sure this is welcomed news to many. Sunny and milder temperatures begin today, and will continue into the middle of next week. Highs will be near 50 today with Sunny skies.

For Sunday and Monday, we should see the warmest days of this mild stretch, as highs approach the mid 50's to near 60. Clear and chilly nights with lows in the low to mid 30's, so this will feel like a touch of Spring is in the air. Most important is we should have a nice stretch of Dry weather for a good 5 or 6 days, which is much needed.

For both Tuesday and Wednesday, we should continue to see Highs in the low 50's with mainly Sunny Skies, and Fair chilly nights in the 30's. Later next week things go down hill, as a storm approaches from the west and Southwest. Some rain is likely from this system, and I'll have more on that during next week.

On another note, let me remind you all, winter is not over ! In the mid and long range as we approach the middle and end of the month, there's some signs of a possible big storm coming out of the GOM, as a possible colder pattern also redevelops. Yeah I can't rule out the chance of some more snow towards mid month. This bigger threat and GOM storm, looks to be between the 18th and 20th time frame. The 1957-1958 winter analog, has been a very good fit for this winter since December, and was also empowered by a Strong El Nino, and Neg AO/NAO couplet. During that analog year, we also seen much above normal snowfall and precip, along with colder than normal temperatures. Most notable was a crippling snowstorm that occured on March 20th, 1958. My Parents and Grandparents, told me stories about that whopper March Blizzard !

So what I'm trying to say here, is we're not out of the woods for snow chances just yet. A big storm in the long range, continues to show up on the GFS near this same time frame, yes March 18th - 20th. This looks to be a close call for rain or snow and a big coastal storm, so this will have to be watched closely over the next week or so. Stay tuned !

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Mike said...

Say it ain't so.....I'm still trying to clean up the broken branches from the last 2 storms

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