Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Early Spring Snow Event Possible on Later Thursday night into Friday April 1st !

Wednesday: 3/30/2011

6:00 AM Update.

The 18z and 00z models have shifted west with the storms track by 50 to 150 miles. This would suggest the storm hugs the coast, and would be a milder and wetter solution for much of the Delaware Valley and NYC.

This would eliminate much chance for any accumulating snow. At this time, it looks like moderate to heavy rain and increasing winds for Thursday night into much of Friday. Some wet snow is still possible, mainly North and west of PHL.

I'll continue to monitor this storm and keep you updated with my latest thought or any changes with this storms track. A shift further east, would bring back the chances for some wet snow, especially on the backside of this storm system on Friday.



A Heads Up folks !

The potential is increasing for a early Spring snow event on April Fools day and this Isn't a joke ! Much of the Delaware Valley and into NYC could see accumulating snow (possibly significant) for Later Thursday into Friday AM.

This is a good set-up for a coastal storm to rapidly develop with plenty of u/l support and energy. Marginal surface temps along with crashing heights, from this rapidly developing storm, could bring us just enough cold air to support accumulation snow during Friday AM as this storm cranks just offshore.

North and NW winds will increase on Friday and Friday night to 20-40 MPH and higher gusts. I'll have more tonight or tomorrow on this threat. Phils opening day game could be SNOWED OUT ! No joke

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