Friday, March 18, 2011

Is Winter Over ? Signs Of It's Return And a Possible Pattern Change to Colder Weather After The 23rd.

The 00z and 06z GFS continue showing signs of that possible pattern change I was talking about for the end of March into early April on the Horizon weather Forum. The 06z run brings the storm further north for Wed into Thursday and has a continued colder look. We could see some wet snow Wed night into Thursday. This is something to keep a close eye on, even though it shouldn't be anything major, but some wet snow and light accumulations are possible in the Delaware Valley Region.

After the system for the middle of next week moves on out, a large trough settles in the east with numerous cold shots, and even more chances of storms sliding to our south. This will continue the possibity of more wet snow chances, for the end of the month.

Winter is not over yet folks ! I don't see any of these systems being big storms right now, but enough to bring back and nice chill, and some flakes flying for the northern M/A and NE from the 23rd into early April.

As I said yesterday and posted the NAO chart on the forum, the NAO is going Negative and this would support the pattern change in the east and reflect what the GFS has been showing over the past couple of days in the long range.

I'll have more thoughts on this early next week.

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