Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Heat is on for the middle and later part of this week, but does it last ??? Some Summer Thoughts

So after a nice 5-7 days stretch of beautiful mid June weather, we flip to hot and humid weather for Wednesday through Friday of this week. We start the week in the Upper 70's and low 80's for Monday and Tuesday, but quickly heat up to the lower 90's and humid on Wednesday. This continues for the remainder of the week with Thursday being the hottest day, approaching the low and mid 90's. Another Hot and Humid day on tap for Friday in the low 90's, but a strong cold front will sweep through later in the day and at night bringing some strong thunderstorms and relief for next weekend into much of the following next week.

A large upper level, long wave trough, will park itself over SE Canada next weekend into early the following week and bring cooler/drier Canadian air to our region. So next weekend we should see some big relief from the heat, as highs settle back to the low and mid 80's and more comfortable humidity levels. The following week looks to remain near to slightly below normal with high temps in the lower to mid 80's and lows in the Upper 50's to mid 60's. We really can't complain with this pattern. Over the past 4-6 weeks We've seen more long stretches of near to below normal temps, with only brief bouts of hot weather only lasting from 1-3 days.

Some Quick Thoughts for Summer 2012: For The Delaware Valley Region.

I really think this pattern of late, is a nice tone setter for the upcoming Summer here in the Delaware Valley Region. I'm continuing to forecast and see a more NEAR AVG Summer with TEMPS this year with about 20-25 days of 90+ for the entire Summer. Overall I think PRECIP will a NEAR to SLIGHTLY ABOVE AVG. Though I did not officially issue a season forecast for this Summer, many know what I've been thinking since back in late March and April, where I've said this summer will likely be Near to Slightly Below Normal for Temps. So far my ideas have been working out pretty good as we've now started the beginning of Met Summer JJA.

So with that being said, this Summer will be a cake walk compared to the past 2 Summers, where we experienced blistering heat, and numerous intense heat waves lasting 5-7 days per stretch. Not going to be the case this year folks !

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