Thursday, October 16, 2014

Some thoughts and information about this blog. My Winter forecast coming Mid-November.

Hi All !

I just wanted to touch base and let you know I'm beginning to work on my Winter Forecast. I'll issue my call between Nov 10-15th.

In the past, I've issued my calls in early October, but at times found this to be premature for better accuracy and results with my overall calls. Waiting that extra month or so, better ensures a handle on the overall developing pattern, and studying the atmosphere's behavior. My goal is to deliver the best package and be at least 70% accurate with my National call.

Long range forecasting is not an exact science, nor is forecasting the weather. Mother Nature and The weather itself, will always win or beat you at some point. So, no matter how good you think you are, the weather will beat you at some point, that a fact Jack !

So moving on, I'll continue to post on my Blog during the Fall and Winter months with more frequency as we approach the Winter. I do use Facebook as another avenue in communicating my thoughts and forecasts. So please check out the Forum and Weather Page we use on a daily basis for better updates.

It's a closed group of over 400 members now, and you need to ask to join and then be approved. No drama or nonsense here, but we do have fun kidding and joking around, that's for sure. Many of the poster's and members are from the Mid-Atlantic Region and the Northeast.

Overall, it's a great group of weather enthusiasts. The Group name is "Horizon Weather Forum"

The link to the FB page can be found here:

The other information I wanted to share with YA ALL / YOUZ GUYZ, is I'm no longer living in Southern NJ and now live in SW/Central VA in good ole Lynchburg. I'm sure most of you already know this fact, but I wanted to make it more official for the folks that didn't know.

My local forecasts during this winter season will be more Central VA based, but I'll also cover the entire M/A and The Delaware Valley Region's with the bigger events.

Once again, more frequent and daily updates/thoughts will be posted on the Facebook "Horizon Weather Forum" during the Winter Season.

Take Care,

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