Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mid and Long range Discussion for The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast !

Ruggie Weather Update:
Issued Sunday 3/8/15

Let me start by saying Winter is not over folks ! So this milder period of near to slightly Above normal temps will last into much of this week. This is nothing more than what I call a relaxation period in the pattern. As this is occurring, the overall pattern begins to Re-load with very cold air in the Arctic regions and Northern Canada in the next week or two.

So the next question is where does this cold air go ? Well there are strong indications that this reloading pattern returns to much of the Eastern US between the March 15th-20th time frame !

So I'm now thinking, It's past 8-10 days from now that we see increased winter threats and unseasonably cold weather return ! This could be a solid 2-3 week stretch of cold and snow into early April for much of the G/L's, Midwest, M/A, and NE CONUS ! Winter is not over folks, and many will not see Real Spring until mid April this year.

I think much of the M/A States could see 1 or 2 minor to moderate snow threats during this 2-3 week period along with below and much below normal temps ! Much of New England will likely see several more winter bouts into early/mid-April.

I'll have more details and posts on any upcoming threats during this time frame, so stay tuned !

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shahid iqbal said...

Winters are becoming colder and summers are becoming hotter this is what man has done by inventing and using without knowing the side effects. Now it cannot be reversed.