Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Prelim Thoughts for M/A Snowstorm ! A big hit Friday into Saturday !

I'm going to wait until tomorrow (Wed PM) for my call, but there's a chance I will increase the amounts for ROA / LYH, VA areas. If so, probably will go with 12"-18" but will keep amounts the same for Del Valley (8"-14") at this time.

A good part of VA into MD will likely get hit the hardest with this storm !

I know everyone wants to know How much ! How Much ! This is still 3 days away and forecasting exact amounts and being too aggressive early can bite me in the butt.

I gave everyone the heads up, well in advance, (On Sunday) and did say this would likely be a pretty big storm. So please bare with me and be patient until tomorrow ! By later tomorrow I'll have a better idea and a more solid call with better estimate for snowfall amounts.

There's a fine line between over hyping and under estimating and event, so I always try to take the middle ground in situations 3-4 days away with potentially big snowstorms !

The bottom line, This is going to be a big snow producer for much of the M/A States.



Tim said...

Thanks John. I really miss your old forum. You were always spot on. Can't find a good forum these days to just follow

Tim said...

The forum I am reading is leading me to believe we are losing this storm. Seems like it was going to be pretty dangerous for the jersey shore where I am.

Bryan said...

What time can we expect your snowfall amounts Ruggie?

Emma Joy said...

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