Saturday, July 7, 2007


Get ready for our first Heat Wave of the season. A large dome of heat and Humidity has been building over the Western and Central US over the past week. This Air Mass will slide eastward over the weekend, and into early this week bringing us Very Hot, and increasingly Humid conditions , for Sunday through Tuesday. Temperatures will reach the mid 90's both Sunday and Monday and in the low to mid 90's on Tuesday. Humidity levels will rise enough on Monday and Tuesday to cause Heat Indexes to rise between 100 to 105 Degrees over many areas of the Mid-Atlantic and Delaware Valley Regions.

On a better note, a strong cold front will approach our area later Tuesday into Wednesday, bringing Showers and Thunderstorms. This will then be followed by a break of the Heat wave for the middle and later. Unsettled weather can be expected for Wednesday and Thursday with temperatures falling to the mid 80's. Showers and Thunderstorms will be a good bet as this front slowly pushes through the region.



Tyler said...

Yo Ruggie! I talk to you from time to time on Eastern US Weather forums. I really enjoy it when a big snow storm is approaching and you post your predictions for the event! But anyway, I need your help with something. You have that big wunderground caption of where you live in Pittsgrove, and I've been trying for probably a total of 2 hours trying to get a big caption like that on mine.But I am having a bit of trouble doing this. My website is I'd really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback. Thank you Ruggie. Have a nice day!

Tyler said...

Ruggie, even though I have one on there, I like the ones when you click on it and it takes you there to the town at wunderground. (like the pittsgrove one you have) Tell me how you do it if you get the chance. Thanks Ruggie!