Tuesday, September 4, 2007


High Pressure will be the dominate weather factor for the entire week. Temperature should remain in the 80's during the day and lows mainly in the 60 to 65 degree range. High Pressure now exiting the M/A coast, brought a perfect Labor Day Weekend to the Delaware Valley. Another Cool Canadian High, will move SE over the next several days, bringing a continuation of Pleasant weather with Dry conditions through the later part of the week. As this High exits the Northeast US, on Thursday and Friday, a SW return flow, will develop around the High. This will bring and increase in the humidity on Friday, but temperatures will remain in the 80's.

My Forecast: For the Delaware Valley.

M.Sunny and warm, with continued low humidity levels. Highs in the mid to upper 80's.

M.Clear and comfortable. Lows in the low to mid 60's.

M.Sunny and Pleasant Highs in the low to mid 80's.
Clear and cool at night with Lows in the Upper 50's to low 60's

M.Sunny and warm. highs in the Mid 80's.
Fair and Cool at night with lows 60 to 65.

P.Sunny warm and more humid. Highs in the Upper 80's.
P.Cloudy at night with Lows in the mid to Upper 60's.

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I love that title of your Blog, Please do pass the link along to me. My Fiance is into the space stuff also, LOL ! I'm starting to put together some data pertaining to my winter forecast. So far it's not looking the greatest if you like big snowstorms and Cold, but there's more time and data to review over the next couple of months. If I had to take a preliminary stab at it now, I'd say +1 to +3 for our area and Snowfall Slightly Below Avg at 15 to 20 inches for PHL. A moderate La Nina is not good, but a weak La Nina is better for more cold and Snow. I'm leaning towards a Weak to Moderate La Nina at this time. We start the winter off good in a weaker signal, and end on a warmer not if the Nina goes to a Moderate signal.

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Dee said...


The link to my blog is:http://justcheckingtheview.blogspot.com/ (Blogger won't let me use the url tag??)

Ooh, I actually understood what you what you were talking about in your winter pre-preview!


Hi Dee,
Thanks for the link to your blog ! I'll be sure to check it out. Tomorrow I'll be updating on the potential rain threat from a possible tropical system approaching the SE and M/A coast during the weekend. It now appears the best chance for much needed rainfall will be Sunday into Monday. I'm still not totally bought on what the models are showing right now. At this time it's a slight to moderate chance for rain with this system. Tomorrow and Friday I should have a better handle on it.

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