Monday, October 15, 2007

Cooler weather to be replaced by another warm up !

Discussion and Weekly Outlook:
For the Del. Valley.

Well it looks like our cooler weather over the past several days (Near to Slightly Below Normal) is about to quickly hit the road once again. High Pressure now stretching from SE Canada into the M/A States, will slowly slide eastward over the next couple of days. This High will be offshore Wednesday and Thursday, allowing a southerly flow of much Milder air to return. In addition, a storm system will begin to take shape over the Central Plains, then strengthen and move NE to the G/L's later in the week.

This low will also begin feeding GOM moisture into the southerly, return flow around our exiting High. Some showers will develop and be scattered both Wednesday and Thursday with temps in the low to mid 70's. These showers will not produce widespread rainfall. We are likely to have the best chance for rain on Friday and Friday night, as a cold front associated with the G/L low, moves through the region.

Temperatures ahead of this front will be in the mid and upper 70's both Thursday and Friday. With much cooler air aloft, and the frontal system moving rather quickly, some extra lift and unseasonably warm conditions, could cause some Thunderstorms to develop along the front on Friday. This will need to be watched as some strong to possibly severe Storms could develop along this front.

Behind the front, somewhat cooler air will return for the weekend, but I expect temps will continue to be Above Normal, even behind this front. High will be 70 to 75, both Saturday and Sunday which is 5 to 10 degrees above average. The good news, we should get some descent rains on Friday, followed by P.Sunny and nice weather for the weekend. I'll update more on the upcoming weekend and the storm threat towards mid-week.

Sorry for more bad news for Fall cool weather lovers, But signs are pointing to Blow torch warmth for the Early and Middle part of next week. We could be looking at temps Well Above Normal +10 to +20. Reaching 80 or even the lower 80's are not out of the question for next Monday and Tuesday! Say What ? This is late October next week !

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