Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Welcomed Rain and Cooler Temps as we close out the week.


A closed cut off, Upper Level low now in the Tenn/Valley will remain nearly stationary through Thursday. A strong Southerly flow, of moist air ahead of this system, along with a stalled out front to our south, has spread a nice swath of rain into the Delaware Valley Today. This large area of rain to our south and SW, will continue to work North and Northeast through tomorrow. So periods of Rain, possibly heavy at times will be the rule for Tonight, Thursday, and taper to showers for Thursday Night.

As our Upper Level low begins moving NNE tomorrow, a warm front to our south will move northward and spread more precip. back to our area for Friday and Friday night. This rain could be quite heavy and produce another good round of much needed rainfall.

The Weekend:

By Saturday our ULL will be crossing the Ohio Valley and headed into the Eastern Lakes over the weekend. This will drag a cold front through the area on Saturday, with some showers, mainly in the afternoon and evening hours, Highs will be in the mid to upper 60's. Cool High Pressure will then build in for Sunday, bringing a pleasant day with P.Sunny Skies and a cool Breeze, Highs 60 to 65. Overnight lows will be in the Mid to upper 40's in the suburbs and Upper 40's to low 50's in the city.

Overall Temperatures Thursday through Sunday, should be Near to slightly above normal, but this will feel like a huge change after our Record warm October. PHL is looking to set the record for the warmest October since records have been kept. So that says much for the very warm fall, we've experienced.

Total rainfall amounts, from tonight into Saturday should range from 1.00" to 2.00" across the Delaware Valley. Some locations west of PHL could exceed 2.00".

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Dee said...

Nice! There's nothing better than a chilly, rainy weekend.

Oh, and my "Flickr" web page is up and grooving here at:

It's mostly music related now, but there will be weather pix added to my photostream!


Thanks Dee, Good stuff Girl!

Well Sunday is looking Cool Breezy and Dry ! So one day for the weekend is looking Nice. Saturday, won't be a complete washout,just some showers. But I'm thinking Friday will be quite rainy and nasty!


Tyler said...

Yo Ruggie. You saw how today ended up according to rainfall. My soccer game today (Thursday) was cancelled due to the rain. What do you think in terms of Friday. heavier rains than Thursday? Thanks. Go Capn'n Morgan !


Rain should move back in tomorrow morning, mainly light. By later tomorrow into tomorrow Evening the heaviest rain will fall. I expect areas west of PHL to get the heavier amounts during this second round, with SJ and DE getting less. My best estimate would be .50 to possibly 1.00" east of PHL and .75" to 1.50" west of phl.

This all Tapers to showers for Saturday and clearing out Saturday night into Sunday.


Dee said...

Thanks, Ruggie!

The camera actually has a "Snow" setting, and let's hope I'll get some use out of it this season!

theoracle from the lehigh valley said...


After being on the easternboard for over a year, I am getting tired of thes morons who keep trying to deny your factual information on the mid-atlantic forecast. The other day I said on the board that this year is analoged to 1963 with dry october and a wet early sept and a downright cold dec. They keep wanting to balme the models for their inaccuracies. Keep up the good work and stick with your guns



Thanks much for commenting and your support. I really find it amazing sometimes, how I can lay it out there, get about 80% of a mid range call correct, and they'll continue to be in denial and say Blah Blah Blah. It's ok though, I just will continue to do my best and do my thing. I hope to have a good run this winter in my calls. Thanks again ! I hope you enjoy the blogs and site. I'll update more frequently as we head into the winter months.