Sunday, January 13, 2008



MY FINAL CALL ISSUED: Sunday 1/14 @ 8:00 AM
FOR: The Delaware Valley and Northeast.
EVENT: 1-14 & 1-15

Discussion: 1/14/08

Another Coastal storm is about to impact the Delaware Valley into New England. Low Pressure Developing along the Carolina Coast this morning, will move NE to 100-150 Miles off the NJ Coast Later tonight. This storm will intensify and have plenty of moisture to work with. Temperatures will be marginal during this storm for parts of the Delaware Valley, but further north, with our Northern Suburbs and into NYC and New England, this will be Mainly a Snow event. Significant Accumulations can be expected for much of New England, where some areas will see 10" to 14" of snow, just West and SW of Boston.

For The Delaware Valley:

Light Rain will move into DE, Southern NJ, and extreme SE PA, later today and into this evening. The precip will start as a mix North and West of PHL and change to snow there later this Evening and continue into the overnight Hours. Further south in PHL, Southern NJ and Northern DE, Rain will mix with Snow towards Midnight and Change to Wet Snow Later at Night before ending early Monday Morning. I going with 1" to 3" for the PHL, and Central NJ areas, including SE PA.

For Extreme SE PA into Northern DE and Interior SJ, A Coating to 1" is the call. Coastal SE NJ, Extreme Southern NJ, Central/Southern DE, I'm expecting Rain with a brief change to Snow before ending. Little or No Accumulation in these areas.

Increasing Cloudiness with Highs in the low to mid 40's

Rain developing this Evening from PHL into DE and Southern NJ. A mix of snow and rain North and West of the City this Evening.
Overnight: Mixed Precip and Rain, Changing to Wet Snow towards Midight North of PHL, and later tonight from PHL, South and East. Lows near 30 N & W of PHL. Temps in the low to mid Lows From PHL on South and East. Winds NE, Becoming North towards morning at 10 to 15 Mph.

Early Morning Light Snow and Snowshowers, mainy North of PHL. Then M.Cloudy and Cold with scattered Snowshowers and Flurries throughout the day. Highs in the mid 30's(North) to Near 40 (South). Breezy with NW winds at 10 to 20 Mph

Please See Snowfall Map below, for Total Snow Accumulations.

Other Regions in Northern M/A and NE

NYC : 3" to 6"

BOS : 6" to 10"

Central/Western MA: 10" to 14"

Northern and NW CONN. 10" to 14"

Please See Snowfall Map:
Click Map to enlarge.


Dee said...

I'm right on that 3" - 6" line...we'll see what happens up here in Middlesex County!


Ummmmmmmm Dee

I think we all know how this call worked out ! A BIG BUST

Then again the only good thing is 95% of others busted as well, and on a good note New England and Bostonians, verified with the call.

Tough forecasting between 39 and 41North this year. It's all about New England.