Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Clipper Brings Some Snow Wednesday Afternoon & Early Evening. The Main Event for Thursday Night and Friday is On !


Guys, this Clipper is looking good for this afternoon and Evening. My call stands for the Delaware Valley for a General Coating to 1", with some areas picking up nearly 2" in spots.

The best chance for 1" and perhaps 2" amounts, will be from PHL and on South into Southern NJ and DE.

North of PHL: A Coating to 1" amounts will be more common.Our Main event is looking excellent for Later Thursday Night into Possibly Saturday Morning. I continue to see 3" to 6" amounts for much of the Delaware Valley. A Full post and Snowfall Map, this evening for the Main Event.

On Wednesday a weak, and quick moving Clipper system will bring a period of light snow and snow showers for Wednesday Afternoon into the early evening hours. At this time I'm expecting a general Coating to 1" of snow for the Delaware Valley, with a few spots seeing near 2". Snow should begin west of PHL during the early afternoon hours, and spread east to PHL, NJ, and DE, by mid and late afternoon. This period of snow should end by 7 or 8 PM in the evening.

Some rain may briefly mix in at times during the afternoon, in Extreme Southern NJ, and Parts of Delaware. Temperatures will be in the Mid 30's. Skies will become P.Cloudy and breezy Wednesday Night, and temps will drop to the lower 20's.

I'll have more tomorrow night with my final call, for the main event for Thursday Night into Friday. I continue to hold my course for a nice accumulating snow event with this system. Some Ice is also possible mainly south of PHL on Friday.

Generally I'm thinking 3" to 6" of snow is still in the cards for much of the Delaware Valley, with 2" to 4" amounts over extreme Southern NJ and DE. My Final Call along with a full discussion and Snowfall Map, will be issued Wednesday Evening on this event.

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Anonymous said...

Generally I am thinking that this guy is mentally challenged with the weather. The weather says 29 in Pittsgrove, but where I live the weather channel says its 37 in Pittsgrove. This guys needs to go back to weather school and re-take some classes.

Ty Ty said...

and who is that???

dont make fun of ruggie!!!

ill mess with you if you do!!!