Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quick Arctic Blast with High Winds / Snow Showers and Squalls This Afternoon and Evening.

It could get quite interesting this afternoon and Evening, as a Strong Arctic front and Vort Max energy, move through. First an Arctic front will push through later this AM and Early afternoon, followed by a Trough and Vort Max Energy, later this afternoon and Evening.

Very Cold air will filter into the region this afternoon along with High Winds of 20 to 35 Mph and Gust to near 50 Mph. Temperatures this morning are in the Upper 30's to Mid 40's and with ample sunshine, allowing the lower levels of the atmosphere to heat up. With An Upper level Trough/Vort Max energy and very cold air aloft moving in this afternoon, the atmosphere will become quite unstable. This will allow Snow Showers and Squalls to develop over the Delaware and Lehigh Valley's. Some areas that experience these heavier Snow showers and bands, could recieve some snow accumulations. This activity will continue into the evening hours. Temps drop to 10 to 15 overnight Sunday, with howling winds, and low wind chill factors for Later tonight and Monday morning.

My thinking is the Lehigh Valley has the best shot with heavier Squalls and Snowshowers, due to them being in a more favorable position with the trough and Vort Max Energy. However in SE PA, Much of NJ, and DE, these areas will be more prone to instability and convective activity, due to more sunshine and added surface daytime heating.

To sum it up, some areas could see an inch or two with this activity, for this afternoon and evening.



Dee said...

10 AM - Oaklyn, NJ - 45° and breezy
12 PM - Audubon, NJ - 42° outside of the Acme, and those "Girl Scout Cookies" beckon.
2 PM - Fords, NJ - 41°, windy and wow, those clouds look like we're going to have some snow.
4 PM - Fords, NJ - 35°, windy and sure enough, it's snowing! Just a quick inch or so with the front moving through, and it's just enough to cover everything with a touch of snow!
4:30 - Fords, NJ - Aww, here comes the sun.
5:00 - Fords, NJ - *Sigh*...well, I guess I'll just have to be happy with the cold.

Hey, my birthday's next weekend...any hope of a good snowstorm next weekend?


Good too hear Dee !

Many squalls and snow showers today with reports of a coating to as much as a few inches in the Poconos and 1" or so in Lehigh Valley and Northern NJ.

I'll see If I can muster up a snowstorm for you B-Day next weekend. Actually the Pattern is looking better for a shot at snow towards next weekend.

I only seen some flurries here in the Vortex today.

Take Care,

Dee said...

Well, the forecast for tomorrow looks quite interesting, so we shall see.

And, so is the weekend! I know the long-term models are 168 hours out, but I've learned a couple of things:

1 - Never trust a forecast that predicts the weather more than 48 hours out. I'm looking at you, "Channel 6"!
2 - Never become a "model hugger"; who predicted it would be this cold three days ago?
3 - Watch the sky, and take the time to observe what the atmosphere is doing around you.

I was driving back from Paul's on 295, listening to "Car Talk", and looking at the clouds thinking, "A snow squall?"

Oh, and of course, my attention was entirely directed on the road!