Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Touch Of Wet Snow Late Tonight and Early Thursday AM for SJ & DE

6:00 PM
Wednesday 2/13/08

A Wave of Low Pressure now in the Carolinas, will move Northeast this Evening and Off the M/A Coast by tomorrow Morning. This weak area of Low Pressure will bring another period of Rain changing to Wet Snow for areas South and East of PHL from later this evening into early Thursday Morning. Rain will mix with and change to Wet Snow towards of shortly after Midnight in the interior, then during the Overnight towards the Coast. This will then continue into the Early morning hours along Coastal areas of DE and SJ.

All Precip should come to an end by 8:00 AM Thursday. Skies will Clear out during the mid and late morning hours, followed by P.Sunny and Breezy conditions during the afternoon. Highs on Thursday will be in the Upper 30's to Lower 40's.

I'm forecasting a General Coating to 1" for Much of SJ and DE, but a swath of 1" to perhap 2" amounts are possible from Central DE into Southeastern and Extreme Southern NJ.


Dee said...

Unofficial obs from Central NJ:

8:07 - Fords, NJ: Clearing skies! snow showers for me. ;p


0.3" Of snow here overnight


Mr. Foot said...


You probably don't know me, but I'm Mr. Foot from Baltimore, MD. I don't post on Eastern US Wx, just read the interesting banter all the time. I also run a site like yours and have a similar background. Just google Foots Forecast.

I'm writing you because I'm 100% behind your analysis of the upcoming storm Feb 21-23 and think it has serious potential. I can't stand how these weather nerds on Eastern make all kinds of ridiculous pronouncements without spending the time that you and I do doing the historical analysis, reading the climate tea leaves and so forth.

Your points about similarities toi Feb 03 are right on. The only differences this time is NAO and PNA not the best setup, and we have the wickedly below normal Nina and in 03 it was a weak El Nino. Regardless, I think the models are having trouble resolving the lakes cutter issue because they aren't reading the strength of the high. That is the key, and I don't think we're going to have 2 lake cutters in a row over 7 days. That Gulf moisture is going to over-run, that High is going to slide south because NAO will be drifting to neutral, and there are going to be a lot of surprised folk Wed night when NWS has to start spitting out SPS's and Winter Storm Watches. And not because I want it to happen either.

Anyway, I just wanted to write in support of what you do, and invite you to join the much more respectful comments community we have had going for 4 years now.

See you in our comments I hope!
And perhaps this time next week we'll be relishing in our predictions, and they'll all be singing our praises. We'll see.


Mr Foot,
Thanks much and you have a nice blog and site. Nice writeups and I'd like to add you onto my blog list, feel free to add my blog and site as well. I really like this upcoming setup and will do a full post tomorrow on this threat for later this week.

The clowns at Eastern are just that, CLOWNS ! I've learned to grow some thick leather skin over the past few years. But have also learned that many are just trolls, and clueless. Keep up the good work, and once again, great site !

Take Care,