Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The past couple of weeks have been dreary and have felt just like Mid November. Actually the month of April is the opposite hand season, to the Fall month of November, so no big surprise there. During this time of the year, Cool and wet weather can be a prolonged and weather pattern can become slower and or cutoff. This produces extended days of cloudy, damp, cool and dreary weather, thus the term April showers !

It appears we've been stuck in this pattern since last weekend, and other than a period of sunshine on Tuesday Afternoon, the cool damp weather continues. A break in this dreary weather looks likely for a short period this afternoon, as we can expect some more breaks of sunshine and temps in the Upper 50's to low 60's. A warm front will approach tonight with a few scattered showers, mainly North of PHL.

As this Warm front pushes through later tonight into Thursday, a Southwest Flow of warmer air will follow for The Region. After morning Clouds and Fog, Partly to Mostly Sunny Skies will return by noon, and temps will soar into the Upper 60's and low 70's. This will let us know that Spring is in the Air. This will all be short lived as a rather slow moving, and powerful storm, moves across the Plains and into the lower Lakes, later this week into the weekend.

A Southwest flow of warm moist air, will move in for Friday into Saturday, as a slow moving cold front approaches from our westerm storm system. Some showers and possible thunderstorms, are likely for Friday afternoon and Night, with a steadier period of rain on tap for much of Saturday. Behind this front, Cooler but showery weather can be expected for Sunday as temps cool down to the 50's for the Highs.

Sunshine will be limited to a few breaks for both Friday and Sunday, as Saturday should be Cloudy and Dreary ! I'll update later this week if things change, but this is my call for now. A rather Dreary weekend seems like a good bet !

The good part: expect warmer temperatures for both Friday and Saturday, ahead of this front. Highs will be in the mid 60's to near 70 both days. Lows in the low to mid 50's.

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