Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Aims for Louisiana ! Tropical Storm Hanna a threat for M/A and NE later this week.

8:30 AM Sunday

As many of you know by now, we have a very dangerous hurricane gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Gustav continues to move NW and is taking aim for Louisiana, as a possible Cat. 4 hurricane at landfall. This Hurricane will likely make landfall over the central Louisiana coast, Monday afternoon into Monday evening (Labor Day).

As of this Sunday morning it appears the best projection for landfall is between New Orleans and Lake Charles Louisiana, during later Monday afternoon. Max. Sustained winds of 120 to 140 MPH are likely at landfall, as a Strong Cat 3 or weak Cat 4 with some gusts to 150 MPH possible. New Orleans will be on the most dangerous side of this Hurricane, with the greatest storm surge, heaviest rains, and strongest winds occurring, as the right front quadrant will pass over that region, with the hurricane making landfall just west of the city. Please see the links I've provided below to track Hurricane Gustav. I also added a Tropical Page with additional links, as the Tropical season is heating up.

I'm also watching Tropical Storm Hanna very closely. This system could become a threat to the SE and Mid-Atlantic Coast between Wednesday and Friday, as a Minimal Hurricane or Tropical Storm. A large area of High Pressure and and Upper level ridge will settle over the region for much of this week. Towards the mid and later part of the week, this ridge will exit off the NE coast, as a trough of low pressure approaches from the west. This will allow an avenue for Hanna to make a move northward up the east coast.

Some models are suggesting a hit near the Outer Banks of NC and then moving the system north to the DE and NJ coast's later this week. This would bring strong winds and heavy rains from Eastern NC to much of eastern VA, MD, much of DE and NJ on Wednesday(NC) through Friday (DE and NJ). I'll have a more detailed update on this threat during the week, as the system unfolds.

Tracking Gustav

Satellite Floater of Gustav

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