Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's going on here Folks ! Just wow, Phils good luck, William Penn is looking down and still not happy !

I'm about speechless at this time ! Just wow

Between the Phils game last night and this curse of PHL continuing, I just don't know where to begin. First off, I did not update yesterday evening, becasue I was in full Phillies game mode. But I'll say this, before I left work to go home at 3:30 yesterday, I told my co-workers this: Houston, we have a problem, a good chance of a rain out for the game.I checked the radar and sat during the afternoon and said something is all wrong here. The front was slowing down and the narrow band of precip, widened and increased in size. Precip was blosseming and increasing in coverage and intensity over central and southern VA and moving NNE along, and a front that was be held up to the north due to cyclogenesis near the VA coast.

Then it was evident near mid afternoon, that the coastal storm was developing well south and west of what was progged as a storm developing 250/300 miles off the NJ coast. Instead we had a coastal storm developing near the N/C and VA coast and is now moving slowly north along and just offshore the M/A coast.The beginnings of a Classic Nor'Easter developed, but of all things during late October and a possible clincher of a World Series for the Phillies, which of course, couldn't of at least waited until after midnight to get underway, and go figure the Rays tie it up in pouring rain during the 6th inning. Then ok, let's suspend the game folks ! Just wow is it me, or is this the curse of William Penn continuing ? Ouch, let's hope it isn't so.

Getting back to the weather, We have moderate to heavy wet snow falling over NE PA and parts of NW mountains of NJ. Already as of this AM, some reports of 4" plus amounts on the ground over NE PA, Pocono's mountains, and it's not finished yet. Some of these areas, especially the higher elevations could see 8" to 12" before tapering off later today and this evening. Just crazy stuff man.Over the Lehigh Valley ABE into parts of Northern NJ, precip is mixing with snow and could change over to all snow for a time this AM and into the afternoon. Some light accumulations of 1" to 3" are possible for these areas.

The Phils game tonight ? I think we play it as the rain will lighten up and taper off the showers between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM this evening. I think they might need a couple hours to get the field ready. Now the other weather factor to cancel this game would be strong winds and cold temps. Winds of 20 to 30 MPH with gusts to 45 MPH will be the rule for this evening. In addition temps will be in the mid to upper 30's. Wow, RED OCTOBER in PHL has turned to BLUE OCTOBER very quickly,

William Penn, What's up with this surprise Nor'Easter, Prior to 6 hours an unforecasted mod to heavy rain, oves into PHL, and the MLB commission letting the Ray's tie the game up, then calling it suspended > ???

Sorry folks, I just can't grasp or comprehend this any longer !

Take Care,

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