Friday, December 18, 2009

My Final Call: Major to Historical Snowstorm on the way !

Sunday: 8:00 AM

Storm Totals can be found here: WOW

Here in Pittsgrove, NJ:


PHL: Breaks it all time snowfall record for Dec at 23.2" The old record was 21.0" in 1909. ..........Hello Global Warming !........... LOL

This storm will be in the all time top 3 snowstorms for PHL
It comes in at #2 just under the 96 Blizzard which was 30.7".


Saturday 12/19/09:
7:00 AM Update

Good Morning Folks ! This is going to be a Historical Storm for the entire Delaware Valley Region. I'm now going with widespread 14"-20" amounts across the entire Delaware Valley, which includes SE PA (PHL) Southern/Central NJ, and Central/Northern DE. In addition I'm expecting some spots, especially in DE and Southern NJ to receive near 24" of snowfall.

Snow will continue heavy at times for today and into much of this evening with 1"-3" per hour rates during heavier periods of snow. Snow will become more light to moderate during the overnight hours and end by early Sunday morning. Winds will continue to increase as our coastal storm intensifies off the M/A coast today and tonight. Near Blizzard conditions can be expected later today and tonight. Winds of 15-30 Mph and gust to 45 Mph can be expected.

Once again:
14"-20" with some spots near 24"

More Discussion at Ruggie Weather Forum:

Enjoy the Storm,

My Final Call
Issued: 12/18/09
Friday AM
For The Delaware Valley Region/ DCA, BWI, NYC Areas.

Please see my preliminary Call from yesterday for full discussion. I'm increasing the snowfall totals in many areas. This is going to be a whopper of a storm, and many areas from DCA to DE and Southern/Central NJ will see 8"-16" amounts and some local amounts to 18" are possible in this zone.(See snowfall Map)

Snow will move into the Delaware Valley later tonight and early Saturday Morning. This snow will become heavy at times during the afternoon hours and continue into much of Saturday night. Snowfall rates of 1"-2" per hour are likely for areas mainly South and East of PHL. Winds will increase out of the NE and North @ 15-25 MPH and gusts to 35 MPH. Blowing and drifting snow will develop during Saturday night. Snow should taper down and end later Saturday night into Sunday morning, from west to east.

Enjoy the Storm Folks !

I was on the Barometer Bob show last night discussing the storm !
This is the full audio version of show last night, for those who want to hear. BTW I called back towards the end of the show, so I'm on twice. Near the beginning then again toward the end.

Link to Audio

The Video Version of the show:
Part 1

Part 2

Once again thanks much DESteve and Bob !

For PHL and nearby NW suburbs
expect 6"-12" of accumulation.

For The NYC area:
I've increased these amounts to: 5"-8" with some local 10" amounts possible.

My Final Snowfall Map:
(Click map to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

NICE JOHN!!! Question-when do think the snow will start tonite/earlt sat morning. I need to know this so ican know wether to tell the mother in law to be here tonite or in the am. We have the go ahead at 1 inch! have you and the wife picked a plac eyou wanna eat??? lol ok ttyl. sjplow


Snow should move in between 4:00 AM and 8:00 AM, becomes moderate to heavy during the late morning and early afternoon then continues into much of Saturday Night. Winds will increase and blowing/drifting snow will develop.

I'll let you know about where we can all eat after the holidays, and thanks much ! ;-)


Anonymous said...

LOl nice, i got mu mothe rin law coming in tonite so thats covered, now if he can just get my plow fixed. I hope you like Tequila!

Anonymous said...

LI is getting over a foot right???



LI= I'm going a general 6"-10" Less on the far east side.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOme for a break we have so far 22 inches here!!!! Ok John YOU CAN STOP DOING THE SNOW DANCES. heading back out. Ice is forming undersnow. Very slippery and even our BIG dump is getting stuck at times! sj plow.