Thursday, December 17, 2009

Major to possibly Historical Snowstorm, set for much of The M/A States and the I-95 Corridor from Richmond VA to PHL for this weekend !

Discussion: 6:00 PM
Thursday: 12/17/09

Before I begin, let me first say this will likely be a Major to possibly Historical Snowstorm for the month of December, or any standards. From much of Virginia to the I-95 Corridor and Coastal Plain from Richmond into Coastal New England. This storm will likely hit the record books, and rival the 1966 Christmas Snowstorm.

Folks, this just doesn't happen often in these parts > The M/A States, and as many of you know, I've been honking on this pattern and teleconnections, producing a cold and stormy pattern for the second half of December in our region.

We are on the way for one wild ride this winter, especially for the M/A States. This Pattern is locking in nicely and in most cases, when a certain pattern locks in during December, the pattern at hand will usually dictate the majority of the upcoming winter season.

So, let's talk about this Beast in the making. The u/l pattern is setting up about perfect as you can get for a Big M/A Snowstorm. We have a lobed P/V between Newfoundland into SE Canada, along with a huge Greenland Block/NEG NAO.

A rather strong STJ<>

At this time I'll give some "preliminary snowfall amounts" that I'm expecting for certain areas of the M/A States. My Final Call and Snowfall Map will be issued Friday. These amounts are subject to change tomorrow.

For The Delaware Valley Region:

The snow begins early Saturday AM and continues into Early Sunday. Snow will be heavy at times Saturday afternoon and night. Snow tapers off during Sunday AM.

PHL and nearby NW Suburbs.... 4"-8"
Southern/Central NJ .................. 6"-12"
Northern/Central DE ................. 6"-12"
Coastal Southern DE/Coastal Extreme SJ:

Mid-Atlantic States:

For VA and MD, Snow moves in during Friday and Friday night from south to north and continues heavy at times Later Friday night into Saturday evening. Snow ends from south to north during Saturday night. Further north in PA and NY regions, look for about the same timing as my Delaware Valley start and end times.

For VA:
Charlottesville: 6"-12"

Eastern MD:... 6"-12"
Central MD:.....4"-10"


NYC:.... 3"-6"
LI:........ 4"-8

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Anonymous said...

I guess your snow dances have worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But maybe to much! @ big storms in one week??? OMG!!! LOl ok talk to ya sjplow


Get the plows hooked up and ready as You're going to have a lonnnnngggg weekend. Blowing and drifting snow as well. 6"-12" for SJ is being conservative at this point. These totals could be increased with my final call tomorrow !Christmas Storm still has big potential and more snow is on the way IMO with that storm.


Anonymous said...

How bout Suffolk long island ny???


Suffolk LI= 4"-8" It's on the prelim call under LI, This has to be tyler !

Anonymous said...

YEAH PLOWS HERE WE COME!! CHA CHING!!! With this snow John I am buying dinner for us when we go out! bring the wife!!!!


Sounds good Jenny, go get em !
You're buying your weatherman and his wife Din Din ! Yesssssss
More snow dances are coming, LOL.

LR is showing stout pattern to continue, with more hits coming over the next 2-3 weeks. Say What !!!


Anonymous said...

it is tyler ruggie!! LOL


Stay safe!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! did you just up the amounts??? Im freaking here. J
and yes after these 2 storms pass I will buy and and the wifey dinner out. we will celebrate!