Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MY FINAL CALL: Major Winter Storm to Bring Mod/Heavy Snow & Strong Winds Late Tonight into Friday AM.

Saturday: 8:00 AM
Final Snow Totals and Wind Gust Reports.

I received a storm total of 7.7" of snow here in Pittsgrove NJ, from this storm, and a peak wind gust of 46 MPH which occurred at 2:30 AM Friday. Please see NWS storm reports below. Today we can expect M.Cloudy and breezy conditions with highs in the mid to upper 30's. Some snow showers and flurries are likely this morning, which could leave a fresh coating of snow in some areas. Flurries and more snowshowers are also possible tonight and Sunday as well.

Another storm is possible Tuesday night into Wednesday, that will be coming from the GOM and then to the Carolina coast. I'll be watching this storm closely for the potential of more snow, and will do a more detailed post on Sunday. Stay tuned !

NWS: Public information statement with snowfall totals and peak wind gusts.

6:00 AM Update:
Thur 2/25/10

I have no changes to my call. Please see my snowfall map from yesterday.

Light to mod snow will far for much of today, but will pick up in intensity and become heavy at times during the late afternoon. Tonight into Friday morning is where the problems start. Snow will fall moderate to heavy at time during this time and winds will increase considerably. This will cause power lines and trees/branches to come down or snap, as winds howl at 20-35 Mph and gust to near 50 Mph later tonight into Friday AM. I expect many power outages across the entire Delaware Valley, with near Blizzard conditions developing tonight.

Temps will drop quickly into the mid 20's towards evening and roads will become very hazardous, with blowing snow and reduced visibility during tonight and Friday AM. Snow will begin to taper down during Friday afternoon, with occasional light snow and flurries for Friday night into Saturday AM.
My Final Call:
Wednesday 2/24/10
Issued: 12:00 PM
For The Delaware Valley Region.

Once again the Delaware Valley Region will have to face up to another major winter storm. Please see my previous blog post, for more synoptic discussion on this storm. Overall I'm forecasting a general 8"-14" of total snow accumulations across much of the Delaware Valley, with lesser amounts across SE NJ into Central and Southern DE where 6"- 9" amounts will be more common. The highest snowfall amounts will be in the Lehigh Valley, Pocono's, and into NW NJ, where 14"-18" amounts are likely. (Please see my snowfall map)

My biggest concern continues to be strong winds of 20-40 Mph gusting to 50 Mph for later Thursday into Friday morning, as this storm system rapidly intensifies between NYC and NE PA.

My other big concern with this event: Heavy wet snow will cause problems as it sticks to trees and power lines, later tonight and Thursday. With a saturated ground and increasing winds developing during Thursday and Thursday night, this could cause some problems with trees, branches, and power lines coming down. So some damage, and power outages will likely occur across much of the region, later Thursday into Friday.

The only possible saving grace from a more widespread disaster happening, is this snow will become drier and more fluffy during Thursday night into Friday, as temperature profiles aloft and at the surface become colder.

Snow will spread into the region from south to north later tonight. This snow could be mixed with some sleet and rain for points east of PHL, but will quickly change to all snow by morning. Snow will continue, heavy at times during Thursday and Thursday night. Highs will be in the low 30's on Thursday, and lows in the mid to upper 20's. Winds will increase later Thursday into Friday morning from the North, then shift to the NW at 20-40 Mph, with some gusts to near 50 Mph.

Snow will begin to taper down during late Friday, but continued light to moderate snow during much of the morning hours, then we can expect some occasional light snow for Friday afternoon and evening.

My Final Call: Snowfall Map:

(Click on map to enlarge)

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Mike said...

Well so far you've been right on the money all winter....You're in the wrong profession


Hi Mike and thanks for the compliment and feedback.

Enjoy the storm and what an awesome winter ! yeah I'm pretty burned out, this winter has kept me very busy, and on my toes. LOL


Anonymous said...

Yo Ruggie wrong this time BUCK.What's wrong your little Toyota could not make it to work today.

Anonymous said...

Good call Ruggie.Your the best.


Yo BUCK ! 2.2" yesterday and 5.5" today = Total Storm total: 7.7"
I had 8-14 zone so I busted by less than 1/2". LOL

Another one coming for Tuesday night into Wednesday BUCK !
See ya Monday.



Thanks !

Verified in most locations. I was on the high end for points near and south of PHL. So I was off with my call in parts of SJ and DE, but not by much.

Everything south of PHL that verified, was on the lower end of my call. Total was 7.7" here, had Pittsgrove in 8"-14" zone.

But some spots got 8"-10" in this zone for SJ.

Anonymous said...


I am new here..First post to just say hi to all community.