Saturday, December 18, 2010

Video Update: 12-18 Through Christmas 12-25. White Christmas ??? Some potential on the horizon.

The teleconnections are more in our favor towards Christmas, especially with the PNA coming back up to near Neutral, so that we have going for us !

My concern is pattern recognition which says this :

# 1. the storm passes more to our south and VA/NC get the meat of the storm, while up here we see little or nothing. The Past few storms have did this.

# 2. The storm goes to Tenn Valley then decides to cut up the Apps or just to our west. That would not be good, rain and sloppy mix. We've seen this happen several times over the past 3 weeks in this pattern as well that we've been stuck in.

So with that being said, the PNA coming up finally, could be the difference in which we get the more favorable track this time, and get the big snow We've been waiting so long for in this 3 week Cold/Dry pattern.

Will enjoy tracking this over the next several days, but don't get your hopes too high on anything past 5 days or even 4 days.

I think We've all learned our lessons, and I knew this would be like this with models past 5 days, in this mod/strong La Nina pattern. Very sloppy with EC Storms past 5 days.

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Denise said...

Honey time to update your video. Love Storm 65.