Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No White Christmas this year for The Delaware Valley Region ! Snow event still possible for Sunday into Monday ! More on this storm > Thursday PM.

Wednesday 12/22/10
Quick update:

I just wanted to post a quick update on our snow chances for Christmas. At this time I see no chance for a white Christmas, as the storm has really slowed down it's progression considerably. But, our friends in the Deep South, parts of the interior SE States, and Lower Mid-Atlantic States, will see some snow on Christmas into Christmas night, but We'll remain dry and cold here in the Northern M/A until Sunday.

It's going to be a close call once again, for getting some snow up here on Sunday, as this storm will track just offshore for Sunday into Monday. At this time I'm thinking the storm tracks close enough to give us some snow for Sunday into Sunday night. As always, the storm track is very critical to the amounts of snow we receive from this coastal storm.

The latest model runs during today, continue to trend better for a more significant snow event for much of the M/A east of the Apps, and much of New England. I'll continue to study this setup and the trends over the next 24 - 48 hours.

I'll have a better handle on this on Thursday/Thursday night, to throw out some preliminary numbers, and have a more detailed discussion. Until then hold tight and check back Thursday Evening for my update and preliminary call.

I encourage folks to check out the Ruggie Weather Forum, where myself and others, have much more discussion on upcoming storms and events. As always, I try my very best to keep my blog updated, but I do plenty of weather chattering, and I'm more in depth with discussion of storms, at the weather section of the forum !

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ruggie,

Thanks for the update.

Whatever happened to Eastern US WX forums? Have they moved?

I always enjoy your analysis there.


Eastern shut down last month. Plenty of analysis on my forum, which I started about a year ago.
Sign up and join us !


weather said...

weather forecast from GFS, with snow maps

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