Saturday, April 23, 2011

My weekend forecast and other information.

Saturday: 4-23-11

We've been in this wet and cool pattern for sometime now, and this looks to continue into early next week. A warm front just to our south and west, will slowly move north today. Along this frontal boundary, areas of rain and some thunderstorms will move east from the Ohio Valley.

Periods of rain and a few thunderstorms are likely for much of today into later tonight. On Easter Sunday, this warm front will move further north, as a SW flow of warmer and slightly drier air, follow behind the front. Some sunshine and only a few showers can be expected on Sunday as temps warm into the mid 70's.

As you can see my blogging activity has decreased since winter, and this is my down time for a while. I hope you all continue to access the blog for additional weather information on this page.

There's now the new Horizon Weather Forum, and I'll be posting there throughout the spring and summer month's, mainly with severe weather events and potential hurricane threats during hurricane season.

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Steven said...

Really liked your blog and the explanations of weather patterns in the North East!I see the last one from April 2011,will you be updating?
Thanks for Your Work,