Monday, March 19, 2012

The 4th Warmest Winter On Record at PHL, PA !

So this is how our winter season ended up with temperatures ! Just amazing how far off I was with my winter forecast. The only thing that makes me feel a little better, is the fact that nobody got it right ! Not even close. Everyone Busted in there seasonal winter forecasts.

We finished 2011-2012 Meteorological Winter as the top 4 Warmest Winter on record at PHL, PA ! Only 4" of snow to show for, and this too will likely wind up in the top 10Least snowiest winter seasons. As you can see with the map below: Just about the entire country was much Above normal with the exception being out west, where some areas were slightly below normal.

The entire Northern Hemisphere with the exception of the CONUS and parts of Canada wound up below normal and some record breaking snowfall to go along with it. AK, really got hammered with the cold and snow this winter season.

With a La Nina signal and terrible teleconnections to go along with the pattern, much of the CONUS had a progressive pattern and much of the cold air was locked to our north. With 2 stubborn PV's, one over Greenland and the other near AK, this allowed for a Positive AO and NAO for the entire winter season. This locked the Jet Stream to our north and any troughs or cold shots that made it further south, where short lived and pushed along quickly.

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