Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Final Call: Some Snow for Southern NJ & DE .... For Sunday Night !

7:00 AM Update
Sunday: 2-19-12

It's not looking good for this storm for later today into this evening. I made my call last night and this is now looking like no accumulating snow over SJ and much of DE. All models has shifted well south and are now showing, no snow for Southern NJ and much of DE. I'll ride it out, since I made my final call, but it's not looking good on this call.

My Final Call
Issued: Saturday 2/18/12 at 4:00 PM
Valid: Sunday Night ... 2/19/12
Some Snow For: Southern NJ and DE

Please see my previous post: (Preliminary Call) for write-up on this storm. I've trimmed back a bit from my 2"-4" now going 1"-3" over Parts of SW NJ and much of DE. For extreme Northern DE and the remainder of Southern NJ a Coating to 1" can be expected ... Please see snowfall map ...

It looks like PHL and points North will only see a few flurries or brief period of light snow during Sunday Evening with little or no snow accumulations near PHL and points east into Central NJ.

For much of DE and Southern NJ, some light to at times moderate snow, can be expected between 4:00 PM and 3:00 AM. Much of DE and parts of interior Southern NJ, will see a general 1"-3" of snow accumulation.

For Baltimore MD .... Coating to 1"

For Washington DC area .... 1"-3"

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long range weather forecast said...

It's impressive that just about everyone here knows what direction the wind is blowing from, whether they're standing in a parking lot or living on a boat or in a trailer on the hillside. For my part, I've already made the mistake once of opening a door on the tugboat to toss out the compost, only to have it thrown back in my face. "It's an east wind," my pal says. "Try the other door next time." Oh. Right. Of course.