Saturday, July 7, 2012

Long Heat Wave About to Break ! Normal Summer Conditions Return For Next Week !

Today is our last day of intense heat, as our long heat wave comes to an end on Monday. A strong cold front and welcomed air mass change will begin to work there way in on Sunday, and next week looks to be much cooler and refreshing. I have even better news, this change lasts a long time, and I see no more long heat waves or intense heat for the rest of our 2012 season here in the Delaware Valley.

As I've mentioned on the Horizon Weather Forum, I see only one or two more short lived Heat waves for the rest of this 2012 Summer, only lasting 3-4 days and less intense with any future heat being more like the low 90's to mid 90's at best.) No more 96-100 this Summer !

Today will be the hottest day of this heat wave as temperatures Max out at 97 to 100 across the Delaware Valley. The best chance at 100 will be in urban areas such as PHL/ILG/TTN, with many surrounding areas in SE PA, NJ, and DE staying in the upper 90's. Along with the intense heat, We'll notice the humidity levels being much higher today than yesterday, as Dew Point temps reach the low 70's, making heat index levels of 105 to 110 this afternoon.

On Sunday temperatures will continue to be quite hot, but not as intense, as many reach the lower 90's. This promises to be the last day of this 11 day heat wave, and with closing out the heat wave some showers and thunderstorms roll in with our cold front. Some storms on Sunday could be strong to possibly severe in a few locations, but I don't expect any widespread severe weather tomorrow.

Some scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue into Sunday night and Monday, with Mostly Cloudy conditions. Temperatures will only reach the mid 80's on Monday with Partly to Mostly Cloudy skies and lowering humidity levels as our new air mass from Canada arrives. How great this will feel and the good news, it stays for quite some time !

Next week, we can expect normal to slightly below values with temperatures, with highs mainly in the low to mid 80's and lows in the 60's. Even better, much of next week will also bring low to moderate humidity levels. So yes folks, this will feel refreshing and very welcomed to many, including myself !

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