Thursday, October 25, 2012

Northern M/A Coast to SE New England In Path for a Serious Storm For Monday and Tuesday of next week !

Thursday 10-25-12

3:30 PM

So where do I begin and what do I tell you folks !

For now, I would suggest to start being prepared, and get ready to possibly see a once in a lifetime storm, from the Northern M/A into SE New England, as The Perfect Storm scenario is setting up. Ugggg

The ingredients are all there and setting up too where Hurricane Sandy moves northward off the SE coast and meets a very large blocking ridge to the north, along with a strong negatively tilted trough moving SE into the M/A and Northeast. We call this a capture and full phase situation, that looks to take place just North off the Carolina's and turns Sandy Northwest and even westward towards the Northern M/A coast and or SE New England. The models are showing several scenario's and strength intensity, which are pretty much all bad from the Delmarva to SE New England Coast.

No way am I getting into all the details of the various models being this is still 4-5 days out, but the consensus appears to be a landfall occurring any where between Salisbury MD to Eastern Long Island NY,  as a strong Hybrid (Extra-Tropical storm) with Hurricane force conditions possible. This will be a very large scale storm and will impact many from Virginia to Cape Cod with heavy rains and strong winds for a possible long duration of time. 40 to 75 MPH winds for 6-12 hours are possible over The Delmarva, DE, NJ, Eastern PA and into SE New England, yes NY City and Long Island are included !

The impacts of this storm will likely occur during Monday and continue into Tuesday. It's too early for exact details and who will really take it on the chin with this storm, but many will be effected and it might not be pretty, when all is said and done. I know you've all heard the hype taking place and building over the past 1-2 days from many sources, but it is a concerning situation for many on a large scale impact.

This is still 4-5 days away, but IMO it's not going away, and the typical out to sea situation, especially for this time of the year, is not likely to occur ! 

Ohh and BTW, to make things even better, it gets quite cold behind all this mess, and some heavy snow is possible over parts of the Central Apps including WV, Western VA and Western PA, depending on how the storm tracks.

I'll be updating will more information and hopefully some better news in the next 1-2 days. By Saturday a more details forecast will be issued for specific areas. Lord help us all !

Take Care,

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