Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Cold November For The M/A States.

Today is the last day of November and I did some checking on the temps across the M/A this morning. An Average Temperature departure of -2.0 F to -4.0 F (Below Normal) for The M/A States.

Much of VA is running -2.0 F to -4.0 F for the month with ROA/LYH being the coldest at -3.1 (LYH) and -3.8 (ROA) With today being below normal shave .2 off these temps. Further east RIC is at -1.8 so they should wind up at -2.0 F after today.

BWI and DCA are running around -2.5 F

PHL/ILG/ACY: Between -2.0 to -3.8 F

Much of PA: -2.0 F to -3.0 F

NYC: -2.0 F to - 2.5 F


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