Friday, March 28, 2008

If You're wondering what 10 to 15 Feet of snow on the ground looks like, Well then check this out ! Quebec, Canada

If you want to see pictures of some real snow on the ground, check out this site from:
Record breaking snowfall this winter.

This is just Sick ! The Big problems I see is some huge flooding potential this spring for these folks, not good. They're also near the St.Lawrence River, which has also had record snowfall along the entire River Valley in Canada. Parts of Maine also recieved record, and near record snowfall this winter season.

I Just hope things melt down very slowly, and there's no sudden warm ups, or heavy rain this Spring into summer. IMO that's their only hope of avoiding some very serious flooding. I would not doubt that this region will be making the news headlines in a month or so !

Click on the link below for pictures. There's also some Video footage at bottom of the webpage.

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