Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Call for Friday's Snow, Ice, and Rain Event: Discussion and Snowfall Map

My Call:
For Friday 12/19/2008 Snow and Ice Event.

Revised Call Issued:
12/19/2008 Friday 6:00 AM

Pressed for time this AM and changed up the map to lower accumulations in areas South and east. The Coating to 1" zone is for North of PHL only and PHL/Northern DE and Interior Southern NJ are VOIDED.
This will be rain mixed briefly with Sleet.I don't like to change or revise my calls, but this has to be done. The Northern zones look about the same, but lowered to more of a general 6" to 12" in NE PA and SE NY where I had 8" to 14".
NYC: was 4" to 8" I'm going 2" to 5" now
ABE over to parts of Northern NJ was 4" to 8" I'm going 3" to 6"
TTN: was 2" to 4" now 1" to 3"

A nice snow and Ice event is on the way for areas North of PHL, starting Early Friday morning into Friday night. For the far northern Suburbs,1" to 3" is my call with snow and sleet mixing with and changing to Sleet, Freezing rain, and some rain during Friday afternoon.

As we head into the Lehigh Valley, and over to parts of Northern NJ, and The NYC Metro areas, 3" to 6" can be expected, with snow mixing with Sleet and some Freezing Rain, during the mid and late afternoon hours on Friday. The snow will fall Moderate to Heavy at times in these areas, especially from the late morning hours into the afternoon hours, before some mixing takes place by the mid and late afternoon.

Parts of NE PA (Poconos) into NW NJ and SE NY State, this will be all snow with 6" to 12" of total accumulations. Snow in these areas will fall heavy at times, with rates of 2-3" per hour possible for a time, during the height of the storm. Some higher elevations in the Mountains of NE PA into SE NY, could see over 12"" amounts, but these will be isolated, and not showing on my snowfall Map.

For PHL into extreme SE PA, Northern DE, and nearby Interior Southern NJ Suburbs, this will be a very minor event, as Mixed precip (Snow,Sleet, and Rain), changes quickly to moderate and heavy rain, during the morning hours. I expect a general Coating to perhaps 1" of snow and sleet to accumulate in the PHL area. Amounts will be of a Coating possible, for PHL, Interior Southern NJ, and Northern DE.

All precipitation will taper down on Friday night here in the Delaware Valley and a few snow showers and some freezing Drizzle is possible, later Friday night into early Saturday morning. Windy and Cold conditions can be expected for Saturday, with highs remaining in the mid to upper 30's and some scattered flurries are possible.

Take Care,

My Final Call:
Snowfall Map for Friday 12/19/2008


Jonathan said...

Ruggie, What are some of your thoughts for the christmas eve christmas day storm in here in central delaware and will be traveling to baltimore md christmas day i have a 4x4 so i would not mind and would actually love to see the snow


As of right now the Christmas Eve storm is NOT LOOKING good for much snow, but some is possible at the onset, then goes to a cold Rain, what's new.

Check back this weekend and early next week. I'll have more on this potential later.

Take Care

Tyler said...

hi ruggie, when do you think it will snow big time on long island???


write back asap!!

have a great day!!



Today LOL