Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Hit The JACKPOT ! Snowfall Amounts from our Winter Storm.

Wow, I was in the Jackpot snow band last night, as the Upper level low that I've been talking about, did It's magic ! The Norlun/Inverted trough extended from the Coastal storm that was offshore. This was our continued low and mid level moisture source Tuesday into Tuesday night. This set the stage for some moderate to heavy snow to develop as the Upper level energy moved in during the evening hours last night. This allowed for continuous lift through key layers of the atmosphere, which promoted rapid development in precip, and banding along the path of this upper level Lows movement.

In yesterday mornings 7:00 AM update, I mentioned there could be a threat of this happening between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM, as the Upper level energy moved in during the evening. The main thing as a forecaster that caught my attention to raise the flag, was the continuous backbuilding and inverted trough nosing into the Delaware Valley and NJ.

This feed of low and mid level moisture was in place and ready to be rung out. The Upper level energy was all that was needed to do this. Thus it worked out as I expected and moderate to heavy snow, with intense banding setup over parts of the Delaware Valley. I actually busted low in some areas on the snow call, as this banding was incredible, too the likes of Lake effect streamers, and 1" to 3" snowfall rates.

Just an awesome event here, as I was fortunate to be in the right spot. Congrats to PHL as well, a nice hit, and boost to their seasonal snowfall ! A good start and catching up for my Winter Call, in which I forecasted February to rock in the snowfall Dept. Don't let this 3-5 day warm up fool you this weekend into early next week. Winter will return towards Mid month.

Overall a band of moderate to heavy snow, about 10 to 20 miles wide, setup from just N & W of PHL, then SSE into ,Gloucester, Salem, and into Cumberland Counties, of interior southern NJ. Snowfall rates of 1" to 3" per hour were falling in this band, between 8:00 PM and into the overnight hours.

As of 6:00 AM this morning for Pittsgrove, NJ (Eastern Salem CO)
Total Snowfall: 7.6"

More reports coming in this AM, from The Mt. Holly NWS Public information statements.
See the latest report for the Delaware Valley. (Click on the link below)

Glassboro, NJ: 10.0" (The Winner) 5 miles to my north
PHL : 8.4" Nice


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