Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keeping A Close Eye On Earl ! Looks Like A Coastal Brush For DE & NJ Shore Points.

Wednesday 9/1/10
6:00 AM Update

Earl is showing more signs of taking an eastern track, as approaching trough and cold front kicks the storm further offshore. The biggest impact along the DE and NJ shore will be High surf and dangerous rip currents Thursday into Saturday. Only a few periods of rain and 15-30 Mph winds can be expected along the coast on Friday.

Further inland across interior NJ and the rest of DE can expect mainly cloudy skies with a shower or two on Friday.

The biggest threat from Earl will be the outer banks of NC, and eventually Cape Cod, MA. Tropical storm force winds and heavier rain can be expected in these locations, but no landfall.

Tuesday 7:30 PM
Some Quick Thoughts On Earl:

I'll have a more detailed call and discussion on Hurricane Earl sometime Wednesday Evening. At this time it looks like a coastal brush for the DE and NJ shore points. Some rain and gusty winds are possible later Thursday night into Friday. My best estimate is for 20-35 MPH winds with some gusts to near 45 Mph and around .75" to 1.50" of rainfall along the coast.

High surf of 6'-10' and dangerous rip currents are likely for later Thursday into Saturday. My thinking is most beaches will be closed for swimming, until Sunday and Labor day, due to these conditions.

Further inland from northern DE into interior parts of NJ, expect a few periods of rain and breezy conditions for Friday. 15-25 Mph winds and .25" to .75" of rainfall are possible.

Points west of Wilmington DE, Philadelphia PA, and Trenton NJ will just see plenty of clouds and a few showers on Friday.

Earl forum thread at Ruggie weather forum.


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